Welcome to Restaurant Arrieros

More than 20 years ago, Luismi Lopez and Adela Ortiz start their adventure in the restaurant business. Turned into a reference of Andalusian cuisine, Luismi Lopez has managed to give letters of nobility to the cuisine of his homeland, and at the same time, modernize it, enriching it with nuances and delicacy.Master in the art of preparing Iberian meats with the flavors of yesteryear, Luismi is at the same time a partner of the main local producers, an example for the new generation of chefs in the area and one of the best ambassadors of the province. The hospitality and elegance of Adela, gives a warmth to the restaurant. The gastronomic heritage of the sierra goes through the restaurant they run in Linares de la Sierra: Arrieros.

We like to surprise you!

… because the grande cuisine “serrana” is possible.


Calle Arrieros 2
21207  Linares de la Sierra