The menu

Iberian pork meat in all its dimensions and diversity is at the center of the culinary project of Arrieros. Each of its recipes achieves a balance between the celebration of the raw material, which remains the star on the dish, the interpretation of a traditional recipe and the touch of originality that has become Luismi Lopez’s signature: an originality made of delicacy in the discreet mixture of spices and herbs, and references to dishes almost forgotten and even to flavors from distant horizons. Along with novel recipes of carpaccio de presa, stuffed fillet or pork’s cheek in sauce, we find all the richness of the local products: mushrooms, fruits and vegetables from the orchards around town, chestnuts, oranges … The kitchen of Arrieros also knows how to be light and modern. The more adventurous or the more nostalgic will find in some of the recipes textures and flavors now almost forgotten, or desserts with flavors from memories of childhood.


Calle Arrieros 2
21207  Linares de la Sierra